Laying Linoleum

There are several ways to lay linoleum, for example if you have a wooden floor, then the best way to use dry stacking. They are a little bit and we'll tell. So, for that would have been invisible seams, plank dvol linoleum planks, so that would have got the middle joint of the board. It is also recommended that adjacent sheets are laid with 20-30mm nahletom, for trimming and covering the junction. Just in this way can be laid on concrete base, for this drill hole in the floor and insert a dowel in the bottom for screwing in screws. For a room with ledges, pipes and radiators, it is best to do a preliminary layout, which would further facilitate stacking.

After laying in this case, the excess cut off with a knife. Just to ease installation and better quality of work, you can use the templates (made of cardboard or any sheet material), in this case, moving all items space on the canvas can be put linoleum final weeks of fitting in place. I have a linoleum weak spot, it's edge. Settling the edge of nails in the end you do not get very good connection, maybe, the holes clogged with dirt and moisture falls that result in a negative impact on the appearance and bond strength. Recommended for securing the edges to use construction adhesive. Platform is the same and additional fixation protect the joint, you can use a metal overlay. In the market provided a myriad of options and color layouts. Layouts can be mounted with screws or nails in liquid. Having laid linoleum, give a few days to accept their form and then proceed to the fastening skirting. Recommended: cleaning linoleum, an important element of the general cleaning of the apartment.

The Use Of Solvents In The Painting Works

In a wide range of solvents for paints and varnishes best known is the solvent 646 (P-646). Anyone who has ever had to deal with the painting works, is familiar with the solvent 646. Formulation and technology its production have been developed in the XX century. At first he made for dilution and nitro lacquer nitroenamels, but later it became clear his versatility. Solvent 646 was used for the dilution of various coatings to a viscosity, clean paint equipment and tools. The popularity of the solvent due to its excellent 646 operating properties. Many components in its composition, determine the broad specialization and the ability to dissolve many organic substances.

Solvent 646 – a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid, having a specific scent. The chemical composition are present: cellosolve, butanol, toluene, ethanol, butyl acetate, acetone. Solvent 646 – one of the most active solvents, so it requires accuracy in work, for example, to avoid damaging the bottom layer of paint. In some cases, better to use the weaker part of the combined solvents. Solvent 646 is used for dilution as nitroenamels (eg, enamel NTs-132) and nitro lacquer, and for the epoxy and glyptal (for example, primers GF-021), although the latter would be more correct to use solvents, 649, 650, or solvent. After drying, the paint due to the solvent gets extra sparkle. During painting work is necessary to bring the paints to a viscosity that is diluted.

For this purpose, different solvents and thinners paints. Solvents applied in the manufacture of paints and varnishes. Low molecular weight solvents called volatile liquids with low boiling points. Strong solvent is a solvent with which this macromolecular material (film former) creates a uniform system at all concentrations and temperatures. In the case of film-forming sediment formation when the temperature or the concentration of solvent considered weak. Thinners – solvents that are not soluble high-molecular substance, but does not destroy its structure. In real life, often used a solvent mixture, the so-called license solvents. A well-known solvent R-4 – a mixture of solvents containing toluene and acetone. Solvent R-4 is most suitable for dissolution and dilution of alkyd paints (enamel PF-115, GF-021 primer) or enamels HV and cholesterol. For these materials are suitable and pure toluene or xylene. The solvent used to dissolve 649 film formers, intended for dilution to a viscosity grade enamels NC-132K. The solvent used to dissolve 650 film formers, intended for dilution to a viscosity grade enamels NC-11 for touch up small areas of brush. P – 4 is used for dilution perchlorovinyl, polyacrylate, epoxy and other coatings. R – 4 A – Dilution perchlorovinyl, polyacrylate, epoxy and other coatings. P – 5 A – Dilution perchlorovinyl, polyacrylate, epoxy and other coatings. P – 60 is used for thinning enamel VL – 515. P – 7 – to dilute the paint OL – 51. RCH – 2 – to dilute the paint MCH – 52 and for the production of acid cure for nail MCH – 52. RML -315 – to dilute the varnish NC – 223. Water paints must be thinned with water only. In this case the water must be added slowly and in very small quantities. Addition of water in an amount 5% leads to a decrease in viscosity by half.

TM Assistant

"- We, – Alice said, barely catching his breath – when a long time running away in all haste, would certainly be in another place. – Which country is sluggish! – Said the Queen. – Well, here, you know, has to flee in all haste, so that only stay in the same place! If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast! "Lewis Carroll, 'Alice in Wonderland'. Familiar to string us all your favorite fairy tales! Each of us is not just scroll to the head of this episode, pondering the meaning of statements, quoted him as soon as a suitable opportunity. And it is not surprising. Especially in the era of writing this masterpiece – and this is the end of the nineteenth century – the Queen's speech seemed like Alice, so and all readers of some nonsense. But in fact the author clearly describes the future, and today everyone is feeling the rapid pace of development and growth of the world and what "has to flee in all haste, so that only stay in the same place, "it is no news – we all do! Anyone, even the smallest development requires tremendous work on a large and time-consuming.

On this occasion, even developed an entire technology time management and efficiency of its use – time management. To help yourself mankind invented clocks, organizers, diaries, and other assistants in the control of gold and fleeting … And here appropriate to mention the company Assistant, which is considered a leader in the creation of various electronics, combining the whole set of various functions, including all sorts of hours: Network and is powered by batteries, desktop, wall and road hours. Let us dwell on those watches TM Assistant, which will take at least and very little space on your desktop, but will be mandatory and functional interior Circuits of your workflow.


The frame, made of reinforced profiles, serves as a framework for stationary glass partitions. The length of the frame varies from six meters or more. The construction of such walls is perfect for placing it in the window or door openings. Advantages and features glass partitions the design is that the decorative elements have good interchangeability, as well as the frame is subject to assembly and disassembly. This wall will not create, any problems when moving to or rearrangements in the apartment. Due to the small weight elements of a skeleton, with its assembly and disassembly quite handle a specialist. To create a glass walls with high insulation and mechanical strength, use tempered glass.

Deaf-glazed windows are used, if the owner does not wish the presence of the element of transparency in being built design. For such purposes in the hollow space is placed kaolin wool or fiberglass or tinting applied to the glass. Gained increasing popularity of glass blocks, glass partitions, windows and stekloprofilita. Stekloprofilit distinguished by its large size. Like glass blocks, this product has a high bandwidth.

To separate the room into several separate compartments previously used masonry or wooden walls. To date, there are more aesthetic materials – walls of glass, of course, some of them. Partitions of glass deprive the space is closed, visually expand space filled with light and give the impression of more space. The advantage of such partitioning leaves no doubt: the installation takes a minimum amount of time agreed upon in accordance Organizations are not required, the workflow of the firm during the installation of glass partitions do not violated. The glass used for making walls, due to thermal processing, has increased durability and safety. Modern technology provides the possibility of individual design: the use of color and texture of glass, decorative laminated glass, drawing drawings by sandblasting and engraving, the use of decorative films and fusing.

Gifts Of Bronze

Recently, increased interest in the Orient, its culture and oriental traditions. Relevant elements of the eastern interior, oriental restaurants, oriental motifs in clothing, ethnic jewelry. The works of the eastern authors also are in great demand. As a consequence, the domestic market there are companies that offer not only traditional, customary gifts and souvenirs, but the original items in oriental style. Many these things are in the eastern a deep meaning, which is based on Eastern philosophy. In this article we want to tell you about the gifts and souvenirs made from precious metals – bronze. People opened up a bronze in the very Long ago, when civilization was born, and when a gland is not known.

Bronze was the first luxury of mankind, the first decoration of the home, the first piece of furniture. Bronzes were created first and the first jewelry tools. Bronze – a material that requires special respect to him, both by the master, and by the person to whom the product belongs. Despite the fact that technological progress has brought humanity a lot of new materials and technologies, bronzes have not lost their leading positions and are at the height of fashion, representing a high level of aesthetic development of its owner. Bronze figurines bronze ware, bronze candlesticks, bronze marine equipment, etc.

can be an important and often the main component of the interior. Technology of production of bronze objects have changed over time is negligible. At the heart of manufacturing quality bronzes remains laborious manual work. And the head of the process was and is a designer, sculptor, painter. For the interior of bronze can do almost everything – from miniature furniture furniture to large interior sculptures. Opportunity is limited only by imagination, but the budget. The product is made of bronze – a stylish gift for the discerning man, standing business gift business partner. Bronze have been, are and will be a sign of wealth, luxury attribute. Online Shop Wandering Wind.

Task Backup

Everything is ready. Click the button 'Run Task'. The program minimizes to the system tray, displaying a little yellow disc that netoropyas starts to rotate. At this time, you can not access to the program. Please be patient. The more documents you have, the longer it will run the backup. When restore the logo, open the program.

Click the tab 'protocol'. Figure 10. Bookmark 'protocol' short educational program: – The 'Date' displays the date of the operation. Current date is displayed in green. If it's Saturday or Sunday, then displayed in red. – The 'Time' shows the time operation.

Time from 17 pm to 8 am is shown in red. – The 'Action' shows the operation in progress. The first line, the start of the program is displayed in blue. Green shows the operation create an archive and copy it into the repository. Records of red in the 'action' should not be. If there are records of red, sort it out with your settings. Record 'COPY to FTP: openfile.RU' must be green. Open obtain a local file in the folder C: backup archivers with WinRAR or 7-Zip. Test the archive. Carefully analyze what files were archived. Maybe you forgot something to include? Please note, the standard setup program scans the entire disk 'C', it can pack the documents even from the recycle bin! If everything is ok, then close the archive and open the site Go with your login and password. Figure 11. Sharing go in a private office, disclose the item 'FTP' and make sure there is our backup. While the file is located in this folder, one can not download it, and you as well. The file will be stored on site within a month. After 30 days the file will be deleted. But during this period, the program will create 4 more backup. Thus, the site will always store the last 5 backups. Experience shows that in this way can be downloaded at copy of 500 mb or more. Would be a good channel communication. If the unexpected happened, the world collapses around you, and you need to download the file, then put the file in one of the groups, for example 'File'. There you will find and download link. I sincerely hope that this will never be need some help! Besides this site, you can use file sharing Of course, she must be registering. So, every Friday automatically creates a backup copy of your documents or programming source code and poured on file sharing. The first copy – full, the next four – incremental. Further, all repeated. To restore the data enough to have a full and final incremental backup. Hoster keeps track of urgency copies, and deletes obsolete. What we wanted. Free software can be downloaded from Backup42

Lower Heating

Fireplace installation has become commonplace for cottage construction. Installing a fireplace in your home will allow you to enjoy warmth and comfort at any time when you just want to! Installing a fireplace can be done the old fashioned way – from laying bricks. But lately, more and more important it becomes mantel. Mantel – is complex block-level elements that make up the fireplace. Facing the fireplace, usually made of natural materials – marble, granite and wood. Perfect fireplace created by the interior of your home based technology construction of fireplaces. Heating furnaces are used to organize the heating system in a country house. Heating stoves, manufactured in our company have several advantages, such as – reliability, durability, heat and of course, easy to install.

Heating furnace, as a rule, is small, and heats a small room – for example, a room. Thanks to the momentary heating furnace heating this room warms up quickly. When choosing a heating furnace should be borne in mind that the bottom of the furnace should be heated quickly to heat cold floors and other well cold air in the house. Heating and cooking stove intended for space heating and cooking, heating water and bread. Unnecessarily heating and cooking stove, and contains iron stove and oven – its heating properties increase. Heating and cooking furnaces their roots far back in time, namely heating and cooking stoves were in every house in Russia, and allowed not only to heat the premises, but also cook. Currently, heating and cooking stoves are not lost its relevance – they are still used in cottages and country houses where there is no central heating. Heating and cooking stove is a double decker hood.

The lower tier is warming strongly that can heat the cold air at the bottom of the room. Because the upper and lower tiers of the heating and cooking stoves communicate with each other, the warm air does not come out of the oven, and provides longer heating. Heating and cooking stoves are used not only in the winter – thanks to a special valve can provide the output of heated air out through the chimney, and even in the summer heating and cooking stove is used for cooking. Choose a heating system for your home based on the technical features of the house and let in your house will be warm!

Choosing Shoes

Available on the membrane of shoes, choose shoes for the winter If 10 years ago about buying clothes membrane thought only advanced athletes and skiers, but now it becomes a part of life not only of many adults walking to work, but also children, and practically from birth. What is membrane? Let's start with definitions: Membrane (from lat.membrna "parchment") – a film, usually serving as a semipermeable separator media (including the shell) or oscillating surface. . "Membrane – it's either very fine film that is laminated (welded or glued to the special technology) to the upper fabric, or special treatment, firmly stamped on fabric with hot way during manufacture. From inside the film or impregnation may be protected by another layer of fabric.

" What is the principle of the membranes? They have a structure in the form of a film with a pore size of several thousand times smaller water droplets, but most of the H2O molecule, so the drop just does not pass through them. This ensures water resistance. But the water vapor molecules pass through the pores freely. When you sweat, there difference in partial pressure of water vapor inside the shoe and out. This is the driving force for removal of vapor that is expelled. Why the child is cold? Most likely so: 1. Too tight shoes – immobilized fingers are freezing.

Too big – no heat-effect. 2. Hundred with legs (extra toes). Leg alternately sweats and cools. 3. or socks without synthetic membrane under boots.


No longer an open secret that the gazebo has taken a prominent place in our lives, becoming an essential attribute of any infield Our countrymen to appreciate the aesthetic and functional value These garden buildings. But modern humans, pampered by high technology, seeking not so much to comfort as to the convenience and mobility. Therefore, the most popular are collapsible designs cottage pavillions. And so it happened that my favorite pavilions today are made of plastic. The secret to the popularity of these arbors is very simple.

Deciding to install on your site plastic design, you do not need to spend additional funds for the construction of the foundation. It would be enough just to find a flat area the size you want and select the optimal shape design. Firms manufacturers offer pavilions of various shapes and sizes. It can be square, polygonal, circular structures of different modifications: from the bench with a canopy to a full summer cabin. The use of plastic garden buildings guarantees you the reliability and longevity. Plastic corrosion and rot, he is not afraid of an open fire and frost. After decades of using an arbor will not lose its appearance, it will not need to tint or a restore, and hence not need to carry unforeseen costs. After ordering, you will deliver your favorite arbor made of plastic in the form of the parsed constructor.

Even without any special skills to build such facilities, you can easily cope with task for several hours. It is very important that understands this gazebo is also easily and quickly. Thus, you get a quite reasonable price mobile collapsible design that you can install or removed as needed. Yes, and furnished with no problems. Just pick the appropriate color, chairs and a table and enjoy the comfort.

The Structure

This method of printing forms, printing elements are passed through a paint, and white space of delay. Decal printing – a process in which at pottery, porcelain or glass applied decal. In turn decal is an image that is transferred to the souvenirs special method. On paper, the printing is carried out, usually by means of screen printing. Then a sheet with a pattern is treated with varnish and moistened in water, after which the image is transferred to the surface.

At the end of ceramic, porcelain or glass is sent to the kiln. As a result Decal printing and processing in the furnace turns durable, beautiful and environmentally safe products. In this article I would like to elaborate on the sublimation method of image transfer. This method appeared not so long ago, but has already established itself – as an effective, economical and very high quality type of printing on t-shirts, mugs, plates, etc. sublimation thermal transfer – printing ink in which dye sublimation sublimation paper is transferred from the painted surface. The method consists in the fact that printing inks or ribbons, pigment particles are heated instantly print head and mixed with the transition to the gaseous state, deep in the structure printed material. Sublimation printing can be used for printing on fabric.

Unlike other printing methods can be applied to the fabric of photographic images with high quality. Technology allows us to obtain bright colors are resistant to environmental influences. Sublimation technology is as follows. Printing images produced on inkjet printers, which use special sublimation ink.