Platinum Strip Invention

To do this he carve a big human wood ear. As the eardrum, he took a piece of rabbit bladder, which with was equipped with a fine Platinum Strip. Sound waves met now on the ear and the eardrum, it was transferred to vibration and opened or closed the circuit. A wire spring was installed at the eardrum, which began to sound. After this first attempt, expanding and improving rice his apparatus, he showed the members of the physical Association in 1961.

Unfortunately, the demonstration not of success was crowned and rice was ridiculed, dismissed his invention. “” The problem was that they understood everything at the other end: Peter said the horse eats no cucumber salad “rice understood the horse eats”. Rice did not give up despite his defeat, but he produced a small series. After his invention became known. Thus, Alexander Graham Bell Wind received the German invention. “He gave his invention but the following names: rice phone called the station” (“from the Greek the distant sound”), recipients received the name reproductive apparatus. Unfortunately, Johann Phillip Reis and his phone in Germany was not seriously supported and so was the further development of the idea in the hands of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A.

Watson. 1876 gave Bell had a patent application create and bring it to the Office. Bell received the patent and formed the Bell telephone company”. in 1885 the company American Telephone Telegraph Company “(AT & T) renamed. The company still exists today and is one of the largest telephone companies. Bell was repeatedly cited in the Court because people not only to the invention apart from him another phone”worked, but others had submitted a patent application. So, for example, the application by Elisha Gray was extensive and detailed, but not recognized. Overall, there were 600 lawsuits against Bell. In one he admitted even to have known the apparatus of rice. Many years have passed since all this inventions and equipment have evolved. Industrial spinning mills have become even bigger and faster. On the other, however, our phones are small and handy become, but the Quality did not diminish. If you even look at the developing stories of the spinning machines, to the vacuum cleaner, up to the phone, is again aware a what there actually is for technical performance to the former, as well as at present behind. The technology that is in all of this stuff is immense, and we are not tired continue to want to improve things. But should we think once in a while, the back services and efforts this great tinkerer, to better appreciate the standards we have today.