Property Saratov – The Source Of Urban Troubles

Every year before the Saratov becoming increasingly faces urban problems, and more and more relevant are the questions: 'Who is to blame? What should I do? " It is tempting to write off all of our problems on the particular management local government. What we are worse Engels, Penza and other neighboring cities? In Cheboksary in this snowy winter problems with moving through the streets of the city were complicated by extremely elaborate work of snow-removing technology. But perhaps the main causes of urban troubles Saratov lies in the peculiarities of urban development – the specifics of city development. I think it will be interesting to offer the curious note, published in 1997 under the name 'Brilliance and poverty "Capital of the Volga." Ha East urban development depends not only on the legislative framework, but also teaching about the organization of living space 'Feng Shui'. In the West, urban development strictly regulated. Saratov – intellectual capital: designing institutes, its own master plan – there is something to be proud! However, the outlook is not visible. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Naveen Selvadurai has to say.

The red lines 'sat' stalls, the potential transport interchanges given to those who asked first. I think that the general laws of urban planning in Saratov violated in 18 century and has since been compounded daily. City of Mount Sokolova down into the low – in the area of flooding. In many places, cemeteries dominate the apartment blocks, it is not permissible in principle. Houses built single point in the late 20 th century, have passed all examinations, except for one – who proschityval load on the highways? It is easy to draw an analogy – being connected to the communications, the developer receives technical conditions, and increase the load on the highways do not care about anyone except motorists. This is not a special case, and particularly urban merchants of the city, designed by horse-drawn carts. Over all, sooner or later have to pay: traffic jams, lack of drainage systems and storm sewer, man-made disasters, inability to snow removal from streets and environmental disaster after its storage, landslides and flooding due to filling of ravines. What problems do we leave to our descendants? Maybe make the first steps to overcome the urban crisis, for example, publish a plan to improve transport interchanges in the city of Saratov, with dates for their implementation? I would like to know what activities and in what time frame will help relieve the city center and transport links with the sleeping areas? Is there a program to protect the city from flooding? Not cheaper to build a new city?