ReSound Hearing

Left and right hearing instrument work together so that they understand everything very well. Also of any change in room acoustics ReSound immediately adapts to Verso. It has a clear and vivid sound impression, is involved in all situations and can respond intuitively.” Fundamental change in image: hearing aid is at the same time interface into the networked world is also ReSound Verso for a basic image change in hearing aids: the new lace system can turn at any time in in-ear headphones or a headset. Perhaps check out Peter Thiel for more information. Thanks to leading wireless technology, as well as a number of innovative components can be combined wirelessly Verso with TV, telephone, stereo and computer. There is a mode for rich music experiences, and much more. For the first time ever, the setting of the ReSound Verso even on the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone can be made.

For this purpose the phone clip +, a small wireless phone accessory is required. The required app ReSound control”is available in the app store as well as When Google play as a free download. With ReSound verso of connection to the world of iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets not least able”so Dieter Fricke. Through its multi functionality under – Verso wedded in principle of what conventional hearing aids are capable. It acts as the interface between people with weak hearing and the countless possibilities of the modern, networked life.” A small film to the hearing ReSound Verso owner and user of the listed brands are the GN ReSound group and its affiliates. Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in America and other countries.

App store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google. For further press information and image material, see our digital press box under Editorial Note: as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers definitely have long the innovations in the modern hearing instruments ReSound significantly with. We want more and more people living with a hearing loss, to better hear and understand. Therefore, we develop hearing systems, which create almost the listening experience of the natural ear, and which enables hearing care professionals to raise the quality of life of its customers seriously. ReSound is represented in over 80 countries.