Russian Women

" Alas, such is not love, not only children. bathroom But Russian women work not only interfere with their own ambitions. As we often have? From morning till evening the hostess prepares, washes, cleans, scrape – from the house all shiny and she herself in a filthy robe and, forgive me, it smells of it is not fresh. Such untidiness may deter not only her husband what had once loved to write our women's magazines, but also the employer. Surprisingly, with such an abundance deodorants, gels and sprays, shampoos and soaps of different – and that, in the apartment, as a rule, 2-3 bathrooms, our women and are not accustomed to use them. Owners themselves are very clean – wash five times a day in summer, when hot, just out of the shower did not get out. A personal cleanliness – one of the main requirements for candidates for the position of the baby-sitters.

A child with a nanny all day, and if she, for example, secretly smoke a cigarette anywhere or used to go to bath once a month and sleep falls unwashed, and gets greasy – it passed the smell and the baby. There is even a saying: "The child smelled baby-sitters." No, once you do not get fired, at first simply recommend more often to wash, but if you do not listen to this advice, will have to find a place for people suffering from chronic runny nose and such, I should say very little. In principle, you can arrange your life.