We have long been accustomed to the green manicured lawns, which became an integral part of the urban landscape. A well-maintained grass cover produces a nice impression, moistens the air, creating a special microclimate. But the service and establishment of lawns are high-tech industry, and without special knowledge and experience to succeed is not easy. Often due to improper maintenance or improper selection of herbal mixture lawns are unkempt appearance. Here are the key ingredients for success of agricultural firms “Russian Grass: 1. Careful podobor grass seed for the conditions.

Conditions for each pitch, even in the same town vary. Naveen Selvadurai pursues this goal as well. Somewhere less moisture and the sun more, and somewhere on the contrary prevails shadow, and also more trampling. In order for your lawn has turned resistant to a unique combination of grass seed. Russian varieties of lawn grasses and grass mixtures are ready to offer our specialists are adapted to Russian conditions and designed with years of experience. We ourselves produce the seeds of lawn grass and monitor their quality.

2. High-quality soil mix, proper selection fertilizer and timely processing of weed killer. Agricultural company “Russian Grass sells a variety of soil mixes, peat, and sapropel, mineral fertilizers and herbicides, as well as perform complex fertilizer, soil delivery and removing weeds. 3. Proper and timely agricultural technology, mowing, watering, quality and professional conduct of all work on lawn care. If you have to equip a large area territory wise to entrust the works on landscaping and gardening professionals: from selection of seed to care for the ready grass. A significant advantage of our agricultural firms is to use tested seeds from Russian manufacturers.