In this paper we propose an analysis of the worldwide work of Dr. Ramon has done, it will find that describe key elements which are the basic principles on which it is based holistic education is the education of XXI century. Holistic education brings a new opportunity to see our future, a different way of knowing what is in essence we are, what we should be and probably (if applicable in a real way our whole theory of holistic education in all aspects ) in the not too distant future we must be. This view found in the holistic paradigm, breaks with the mechanistic science, its principles are based on an understanding of reality, based on a unit, a totality, in a qualitative development, a trans-disciplinarity, a spirituality and aprendizaje1. These principles bring us a structure that allows us to immediately integrate our real world, the world is not fragmented, where all belong to all and we are all one with the different view of our universe will be more aware, more responsible and more loving with all that surrounds us integrate so that we understand the reality of our existence and the universe. That is why the holistic view is an appreciation of science and life at the same time, scientific and spiritual, integrates human knowledge in a culture of wisdom, combining science, art, tradition and spirituality. In this new paradigm, science and spirituality are supplementary searches, where spirituality is a process of deep self-knowledge, is the search for order in our consciousness. . Adroll Marketing Platform helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.