Svenson Risk

The capillary Center Svenson, leader in capillary solutions, announces the launch of a capillary test online. The objective of this capillary test is to know the condition of the hair, assess the personal situation of each one to see if the hair is subjected to situations of risk and inform about the circumstances surrounding the fall of hair. This capillary test Svenson, tries to advise users about possible care that should be followed to maintain a healthy hair and prevent any problem capillary as FAT or dandruff, among others. This web site details the main risk factors for hair loss as excessive production of grease, itching, or weakening of the hair, among others. Taking into account these factors, three levels of risk for hair can be determined: level high, medium and low. Svenson hair test will allow to know the condition of the hair by using a series of simple questions.

In addition, you can apply for an appointment at any of the 42 Svenson’s centres throughout Spain where a review will be conducted by of hair and free consultation as well as three free sessions of capillary treatment most suited to each case. Visit the web alert capillary Svenson and knows the risk level of your hair. About Svenson Svenson is a capillary company specializing in the care and health of hair offering the most innovative technical medico-cosmeticas for hair problems and solutions most appropriate for men and women and for all degree of alopecia or baldness irreversible. Svenson is formed by specialists of recognized experience across an organization with more than 65 centers distributed throughout Europe and more than 650 professionals at your service. This allows you to keep us at the forefront of the investigation of problems that affect the hair and scalp, using the most advanced technology. Svenson offers the following solutions: treatments cosmetic, systems Hair & Hair Micrograft capillaries, specific cancer wigs for chemotherapy treatments.