Record Of Shopping Online For Christmas From The

The technology that brings agility, speed and safety already has total confidence with an approximate amount of 460 M, Europe reached last Monday 26 November record of payments with Visa Internet card. From Visa Europe already waited this day became the day with greater volume of shopping online for the entire year, coinciding with the monthly payment of wages. It has been estimated that 70% of this amount on purchases made through debit cards. Consumers spent an average of 319,000 euros per minute, more than 5,000 per second throughout the day. It was hoped that Visa Europe processing platform arrived to register more than 6.6 million transactions in Europe during the day, an average of 4,500 transactions per minute, since consumers increasingly to the internet for their holiday shopping. From Creditomovil, who has also opted for new technologies, providing agility and security to their micro-loans, they provide solutions to these Christmas spending that much joy and illusion confer on these dates. With Creditomovil, you can choose to loans of small amounts without having to deal with any paperwork. For quantities between 50 euros for an unexpected commitment, up to 300 euros for some designated purchases such as those of this Christmas, and can access this micro-prestamo without collateral only within 10 minutes.

You have 21 years and not be in any Spanish default file, are the only essential requirements to have immediate liquidity and meet that small need that arises we and do not want to resign or that we do not wish to wait beyond 15 days. Mile Jokisaari, country manager of Creditomovil to Ferratum Group of Spain says that on the same day you can solve its liquidity for a Christmas gift, an appointment, an unexpected expense, or a real need to deal with a small sum of money available quickly, agile and without paperwork. The loan of Creditomovil has a time maximum of 15 day return and is not awarded more than 1 micro-prestamo holder in that same time frame to not bring about their customers is warranted. Agility, simplicity and availability to request this micro-prestamo through their website: provide all the right ingredients to bring this innovative product to a large number of clients that are currently with liquidity of immediate needs, and can solve their Christmas commitments with total safety and warranty. Therefore, the Ferratum group, branded Creditomovil in Spain, promotes the values that guarantee treatment to an ethical, transparent and professional clients that allow them to feel satisfied and backed by a large prestigious company that cares about each of their customers. The best help to enjoy this Christmas! More information at: customer service phone: 902052383 E-mail: Web: on Creditomovil Creditomovil of group Ferratum is one financial of Finnish origin devoted to the granting of microloans. Present in 15 countries in Europe, group Ferratum is leader in the industry offering the market a operational rapid, effective and transparent as solution to immediate liquidity problems. on loans of small amounts ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros and returned in a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution since the income into the account of customers can be effective in less than ten minutes. The process to formalize these loans is exempt from any kind of paperwork that the requests are made through the website or by SMS, sending a text message to the 27227.