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Classifieds portals are throughout the network, however there are none dedicated solely to a family of products like appliances. To do so, has been created, with the purpose of filling a gap that had been in the sector. A site dedicated to the purchase sale of second hand home appliances. The simplicity and usability of their interface makes both the publication of ads as direct contact with the advertiser to be immediate and without intermediaries, which in turn implies that information is not lost on the road. Technology Investor takes a slightly different approach. Another of the strong points of this portal is its adaptation to web 2.0. The immediate publication of ads in three of the most used social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Flickr), and the ability to subscribe via RSS increase even further the possibilities for the future of this new website. belongs, in addition, to a group of pages of listings for secondhand, among them,, and, all They grouped under the name of Grupomercas, and an identical philosophy of buying used items for sale. Lorem Ipsum club: gray matters file of rents and intermediaries does authorize Cuba the sale and transfer of cars to private? Strong coffee News and information from Cuba and Miami family of products Oracle Database 11 g: Latin TecnoDiva educational American portals and collaborative work Relpe blog.reflexiona..