When looking for to describe its current relation with the new technologies, the formandos say if to feel more to the will since they had passed a good time evaluating and perfecting its knowledge in relation the TICs. Without hesitation Mickey Hart explained all about the problem. A mathematics professor must be capable to carry through the proper professional activities of a professor and to personally identify professionally and with the profession and the substance that leciona. This means to assume the point of view of a professor, to interiorizar the respective paper and the natural ways to deal with the professional questions. In the initial formation of professors, the formandos must make contact with applications as the text processing, data-base systems of management, programs of treatment of image, leves of calculation, programs of statistics, programs of presentation as PowerPoint, post office electronic, as well as guided educative software for the learning of you discipline you specify, as well as the Internet, as much in the source of consultation as in the production source. nsights. Carried through studies of inquiry in diverse countries show that the TICs can, in the reality, to play an important role in the initial formation of professors. The potentialities of the TICs cause changes in the paper of the professor, to supply information start to create learning situations, the paper to control starts to be to defy and to support; the paper of uniformizar starts to be the paper to diversify. It is responsibility of the professors to observe the learning of the formandos with regard to the new technologies? TICs. When pedagogical practical considering one established one in the development of the TICs we are speaking in leaving of side the rigidity of the had contents as universal and starting to work from originated projects of the curiosidades and investigations of the pupils front to the reality in which they are inserted. In this point if it observes the evolution of the pupil in use of computing since, the TICs had also invaded the educational scope, and through them the individuals have greater access the data and information never seen in other times.

Public Politics

The Public Politics in the search of the Quality in the Education. A true necessary educator to have conscience of that he must always consider some realities with which will go to come across itself throughout its career. The course of necessary Pedagogia to prepare it to live deeply the experiences of each pupil, being learned to use to advantage the situations that will contribute for the development of the learnings. Of this form it is learned to have it as focus some possibilities of learning that the children possess, without losing time analyzing deficiencies. However, beyond the qualification of the educator, for terms an education of quality some actions inside of the public politics of the country are necessary that they regulate, not only the profession, but, essentially the rules and methods of education. The public politics of education in Brazil of the last decades come looking a qualification of the education, not only in the form to teach, but also in the aiming of the educandos to courses of qualification and to the market of work. In the society contemporary we coexist new modalities of education, that they search to stimulate the citizens to characterize its knowledge. Long-distance education is one of the offered advantages the Brazilians who, for diverse reasons, do not obtain to frequentar a course, whichever, of actual form.

The education in the distance can be carried through in the same levels of qualification that in regular education. This in all the stages, since basic education, as in the medium, the superior and the after-graduation. (A valuable related resource: Peter Thiel). The modern technologies of communication that connect people who if find distant physically (as the Internet, telecommunications, videoconferncias, nets of high speed), also alteam the presencialidade concept. This modality of education is each looked time more. Then, let us observe the thought of the great Freire master, who says in them: ' ' The calls minorities, for example, need to recognize that, in the deep one, them they are the majority.