Trujilloon Saturday

And I get the month of December, the Christmas atmosphere and of festivals can be seen in every corner of our Peru from North to South, and East to West, the smiles impregnated the children demonstrates the future of next year and at the same time is a date expected for so many young people that we are forging a destination away from the Peru and in this month alone we can reconnect with our family to celebrate a year of victories and a Christmas more in harmony and union, on my way from Ciudad de Mexico to Lima thought in my family and always so exquisite Christmas dinner and attended by all my relatives, not I imagine that a simple return trip was going to turn into an Odyssey, as he had mentioned earlier, my itinerary was reaching Lima Friday morning and fly to Trujilloon Saturday morning, being with my father, touching themes of culture and politics, telling him my achievements, my defeats, and waiting for the arrival of the morning, with my heart to come to a Trujillo, the beautiful city where I lived for 15 years, that I welcomed in its midst as one mother welcomes a son, and taught me everything needed to succeed in life.The trip was a journey interrupted, when the plane loomed in the Ocean Pacific which Trujillo do say Huanchaco, the pilot informed passengers that there was too much mist that towards impossible land, but as whole human beings not aminar her at the first fall, decides to renew flight and skirting Trujillo for a period and there to try toregrettable, was a failure, to see in that situation and instead of taking the flight to Chiclayo which was more logical, due to its proximity to Trujillo, decides to return to Lima, and that’s how it starts my Odyssey to reach Trujillo, did not want to stay in Lima (is not something personal, or to the chaotic traffic of Lima, is a beautiful city)(, cradle of the Peru, but the feelings are more powerful than a beautiful city), being approximately 11 am arrived at Lima, for that moment in these unforeseen Jorge Chavez airport were not stipulated, since we had to wait 30 minutes until you reach the stairs that allow us to the descent, the obfuscations of passengers were visible, and the crew of LAN always, with a smile we appreciated by having traveled with them (that ironic!), time viewed and with my father we decided that if we expect LAN to solve this it was a lost time, besides queues to renew passage were long and we decided to venture the destination and suitcases in hand, we boarded a taxi to the Agency of transportation of all the Av. . Rebecca Family can aid you in your search for knowledge.


Every day we face a range of options that we have to choose, many of these elections are taken unconsciously or in moments of anguish, and consequently take wrong decisions which are generally viewed as such when it is too late for us or for those around us. This article will reveal three secrets of how to make the best decisions in all aspects, to make the result in your life’s positive impact. 1. Conscious mentality: The first secret is to be aware that everything that surrounds me: place, people, work, and everything that I am doing at this time known as present, is based on the decisions that I took in the past. Make me more aware of this, gives me the power to recognize that today I am creating my future.

In addition if I mentally slowly like a spectator of my decisions, are will be brought from the unconscious into the realm of consciousness. And this will give you the power to make better decisions. 2. Autocuestionando me: the second secret is questioning always, thinking and listening to the reactions of the body, you are key questions are: what are the consequences of choosing this path? Will this decision which I am taking, bring happiness to myself and those around me? If the answer is Yes, then go ahead. If on the contrary the answer is no, what is safest for your decision to bring suffering for yourself and those around you. 3.

The language of my body: the ultimate secret is to understand the messages that us gives the body, our body works as a mechanism to send signals of well-being or malaise. Many people feel these signals or messages that gives us our body in the area of the solar plexus, but the vast majority feel it in the heart. When a decision is correct body gives us signs of well-being, if signals are of discomfort are choosing the wrong path. Most importantly, my dear reader is to commit yourself to bring you in these three secrets for made some excellent decisions, because in the seed of the good choice is the harvest of happiness and realization of your dreams. With love and blessings, Teresa Ruiz Pedersen original Autor and source of the article