Life As A Work Of Art

When people make reference to the world of art, what we see is something in relation to music, painting, sculpture, dancing, singing, acting, etc. That is, the first thing we usually associate with art is what we call the Fine Arts. However, and luckily, the universe is full of works of art in the everyday, beyond the aforementioned fine arts. Thus, we can make the relationship with my partner is a work of art, a conversation with a friend is a poem, make love is a dance, a dinner table becomes a perfect and a team become a great orchestra. How to learn then to see relationships, work, and learning as a work of art? According to several dictionaries, art is the arrangement by which human beings express the beauty of things, while science is the knowledge of things by their principles and causes, through verification. In scientific knowledge, through the "check" seem to reach the "truth." It would be something like what we said at the time of Saint Augustine: "If I see I do not think" that in relation to the subject in question might be: "If I check, does not exist or is false." For many scientific discoveries, this way of knowing is very useful, but to the world of relationships is insufficient. So, learn to master the most important things in life, challenges us to relate to the world as if we were creating the most beautiful work of art. In the artistic knowledge, the key is that added value that gives an individual style and personal touch that makes it unique.