Throwing Flowers

For all the world's smiles and tears, I was thrown on stage flowers … So, as the author decided to entitle his article, the words of the famous song, performed by singer Bulanova Tatyana Ivanovna, whose work is remembered many of their special lyricism and emotional honesty, sincerity. On the Internet, her fans have created a significant number of sites dedicated to this singer. Recently Redmi sought to clarify these questions. In this aspect, not a lot of Russian pop stars was awarded to such love and attention of his admirers (like a subtle psychologist, herself Tatyana Ivanovna, clearly differentiates the so-called "fans", and fans of her work). Provide an objective assessment of creativity of artist, writer, singer or musician, sometimes it is very difficult. Until now, are active battles among literary critics about the famous author Paulo Coelho, author of the acclaimed novel "The Alchemist", "Veronika Decides to die ", etc.

Some consider him a genius of the traditions of Latin literature, while others say that his enormous success – it artificially (through technology promotion) and time. But be that as it may be, any literary or music critic, evaluating a particular character, seeks to use in his argument of objective criteria, which were formed in aesthetics and art criticism. Of course, this must take into account that, in general aesthetics and art history, criticism, as the humanities, are in development, form the scientific criteria that are specific to the humanities. In this respect, notably presence of a significant subjective element. However, at least in Western art history, has long been a tendency for patterns of evaluation that would include a systematic approach.

Movies Online

After an exhausting day at work people often dream of coming home, have dinner, take a relaxing bath and spend the rest of the day, enjoying the wonderful story of good cinema. Peter Thiel: the source for more info. Nowadays, modern technologies have holders access to the Internet have a unique opportunity – to watch new movies and their favorite movies online. Now for those who prefer the comfort of home places crowded and stuffy rooms of the theater, there was excellent alternative to watching movies online, without leaving their familiar environment. For many people it is very convenient. Details can be found by clicking Peter Thiel or emailing the administrator. It is convenient also because they watch a movie online movie theater can be defined, and whether you need this movie your collection, and whether or not to go at it again, but in a real movie theater. For example, if I like a movie, then I will go to the store and purchased it with a drive like the movie itself to the collection. Indeed, sometimes so want to review again, so enjoyed the film.

Live theater has several significant advantages over the real cinema auditoriums. Amateur film is not exposed to the vagaries of weather, it is not have to get home late at night through the city, he does not need to spend money on taxis, and more, online movie theater the person has the opportunity to quietly at home and not being distracted on what movies online watch for free. Thus, visiting a virtual movie theater and watching movies online for free, everyone has the opportunity to save some money in the family budget, and not just money but time, and this is the most valuable in our lives. And if your monitor is going the whole family, we can only imagine how much more practical and cheaper to enjoy watching your favorite movie within its "fortress".

Caspian Sea

Silk – the most expensive natural fibers used for making carpets less than wool. Silk – a thread from which suites cocoon of the silkworm, insect feeding on leaves of mulberry (mulberry). Homeland silk is considered to be China. Now silkworm, besides China, bred in Iran, Turkey, India and some former Soviet republics. The highest quality silk produced in China, as well as in Iran in areas adjacent to the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. Cotton commonly used to create the foundation of the carpet (although silk carpets are often made and the basis of silk). Knots in cotton knit little.

The exceptions are some tribal rugs, where cotton is used to emphasize the contrast in the image fine details. What dyes are used? As you know, these carpets create only from natural yarns – wool, silk and cotton. But with the colors, everything is differently. Even in countries with centuries-old culture of carpet weaving is increasingly synthetic dyes are used along with natural. Most often, the yarn for carpet color is 'synthetic'. Sometimes synthetic dyes used in conjunction with the natural. Carpets, rugs, colors and shades that give the only natural (natural) dyes are less common, usually tribal rugs. A small set of colors gives the creator of the carpet even basic material with which he works – the fleece. Depending on the sheep sheared wool suit is white, brown, yellowish-brown, yellow and gray – and is sometimes used unpainted. Of course, for the rich range east of the carpet is not enough.

Technology Companies

On the technology and the company car-karcher, I think many people know. After all, cleanliness in any room one of the main qualitative characteristics. Karcher – a German company, Olin of the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for cleaning and tidying. In 2010, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary. She was in Bad Kanshtatte founded by Alfred Karcher in 1935, and was originally a family business.

In 1935, a goal from a company engaged exclusively in the construction Karcher, marketing and manufacture of heating systems. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. Energy-saving salt furnace for hardening of light metals – brings the company first success. When opportunities for further development have been exhausted, Alfred Karcher sells its patents. With the money he acquires production facilities in Winnenden. Here and now is the head office of the company. Further expanding the range of Karcher and manufacture of heating appliances, it developing devices for heating aircraft engines and remove the icing from the wings. After the war, so the development of technically sophisticated apparatus is interrupted, and the company's emphasis on production for everyday use.

These include two-burner tiles, small "stove-stove" made of sheet metal. Also produced two-axle agricultural trailer, which are very popular. In 1950, the company Karcher is the first device to market high-pressure KW 350, sink with hot water. It was this event defined the company's development in the direction of the production equipment for cleaning. However, until his death, Alfred Karcher, sales leaders were industrial steam generators and heating systems. Irena widow of Alfred Karcher, has no experience in managing such a huge undertaking, but still continues the work of her husband. Today, the company Karcher has subsidiaries in 45 countries and more than fifty thousand service centers worldwide. In 1974, completely changing business strategy, the company decides to produce only high pressure. In connection with this company is changing color. With the blue, a known today – yellow. And since 1980, Karcher concentrates its activities on clearing buildings and transport. The company produces: vacuum cleaners, high pressure, washing for cars, steel machines for dry ice blasting, cleaning, installation of water treatment and sweepers. Company Karcher, thanks to customer focus and seek new solutions, managed to grow steadily throughout its history. In this case, for a family business, these two concepts are not inseparable. In addition, the company Karcher finds opportunities for active social work. This environmental protection, and cultural events. All this helps to stay Karcher one of the most successful and famous companies in the world producing equipment for harvesting.


In the modern world has often heard the term 'anime'. Yes, the anime is now very popular among children, adolescents and even adults. But, the question arises what is it? Anime – Japanese animation cartoons. No, you do not podumaeete, it's more than just cartoons. Since the cartoons are meant to show young children, and the species of his audiences multifilmov composes teenagers.

Due to what crawling extremely popular. Published it in the form of television series on dvd-drives. But, at the time, anime CDs do not buy (at least), but simply vyklydyvayut Internet on various thematic portals. Most often, the anime takes plot based on the so-called manga. Manga – Japanese comics, they can still be found under the title 'ranobe'. Or take the story from the same computer igr.Kak it come from? Anime goes back to the twentieth century, when Japanese filmmakers begin the first tests with new techniques that were created in Europe. Osamu Tezuka, the so-called "king of anime and manga." They call it so is not in vain, as laid down in the anime basis of what is now standard for all anime series.

For example, you did not notice that all anime characters big eyes? Tezuka began drawing big eyes of his characters, in order to easily express emotions of characters. The story, which has nearly a century has passed large and easy way to develop from first sketches to animation, movies, Tezuka to present just not real popular around the world. Over time, stories anime series, which at first were designed for the children changed more and more difficult, and problems are becoming serious, just would not understand children. So anime spread to teenagers. After such discoveries here, the first anime that have been designed to be viewed adolescents. This anime have found their place in the hearts of teenagers and even adults. Of course, different from the anime manga. Since the manga has already had its own history and weight in Japan. At the moment the most popular anime series is Naruto (Naruto Shippuuden), Bleach and One Piece. All of these anime on the account for more than three hundred series, several OVA, OAV and numerous films. All of these you can watch anime online Naruto real.Nemnogo about Naruto Naruto – anime, manga drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Uzumaki Naruto – is the main anime character on it and Storey whole story and the whole plot.