Company Alwood

Elite Window from the Company ALWOOD Company ALWOOD is pleased to offer you the best windows made with Italian technology. This high-quality aluminum-wood windows, based on – is not affected by corrosion of a solid aluminum profile (namely, it accounts for all the weight load), to which the part of the premises, through a special polyamide insert, fasten the lining of the precious wood (oak, cherry, walnut). We offer you manufacture and install luxury aluminum-wood windows. To paraphrase a famous aphorism, we note that in the window, as in man, everything should be fine – both external and internal decoration, and of course quality. Basis elite aluminum-wood windows is located on the street side aluminum profile to which a polyamide box attached the lining of the precious wood. The problem of elite windows – to create in your home favorable microclimate for life: to provide an optimum temperature, air and moisture, skip the required amount of light to protect your living space from the noise and meet all the parameters security. High-quality aluminum and wood windows – a measure of well-being and quality of life. Elite Window from the Company ALWOOD – is not just a window – it's part of the image of man..