ViewSonic Europe Ltd

wireless transmission of pictures and content for projectors Munich, may 27, 2013 is ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, today its new series of projectors, all of which come through the advanced connect technology. This allows split representations as well as the functions of “Live Camera” and “Live Draw” with Tablet PCs and Smartphones. The extensive range of models includes the PJD6345, PJD6544w, PJD7533w and the PJD8633ws. All of these projectors are ideal for use in large, small and medium-sized companies, as well as in educational institutions. “Our advanced connect projectors enable users quickly, easily and efficiently to represent content without having to worry about the appropriate cable”, explains Joss k, product marketing manager of ViewSonic Europe Ltd. “offices, conference rooms and classrooms look tangle of cables immediately more attractive without it. Our technology gives Users off to present and to interact better with their audiences. including the freedom from anywhere in the room” In addition to the wireless data transmission of Mac and PC on the projectors, the advanced connectivity technology allows wireless streaming of videos, photos and music files as well as PDF and Word documents from smartphones and Tablet PCs.

In addition, the new models offer different functions of remote control and simple operation of projectors. These include control via LAN and Wi-Fi, direct representing content via USB, a Blu-ray 3D-ready HDMI port, as well as the ability to hold presentations without a PC. The advanced connect technology supports the operating systems Windows and iOS and Android for mobile devices, if they use the app ‘vPresenter’ by ViewSonic. The app ‘vPresenter’ is much more than a powerful tool for the projection of content. The application also provides a memo with ‘Live Draw’. This function allows not only pictures and files from mobile Devices to transfer, but to edit even content during the projection and to save on a mobile device.

Pleasant Warmth Outdoors For The Entire Year

Modern infrared technology of Kang-Licht GmbH is at the SOLAMAGIC radiant heaters cost effectively and tangibly used light and heat promote growth and life and are coupled with the feeling of safety and necessity of life for the people. In combination with modern technologies, light and heat can be now always available. Knoch-Licht GmbH offers warmth in outdoor rooms or unheated indoor SOLAMAGIC brand based on the unique infrared technology with the SOLAMAGIC heat spotlights – – throughout the year. The light heat loudspeaker combinations and the radiant heater 1400 watt are new to the program of the company Kang light (SOLAMAGIC 1400 ECO +) and 2000 Watt (SOLAMAGIC 2000 ECO +). For more information see Adroll. The once again greatly enhanced space heaters are even lower in energy intake than previously, but reflect a higher, tangible heat. Ideal for all situations in the outdoor balcony, Garden, terrace, designated smoking zones, restaurants and in commercial use in the heater supply always precisely the heat needed weather volatile areas. The device not emits heat in all directions, but only the body, where it is heated. This saves up to 90% energy compared to conventional radiators. The devices are also easy to install or even mobile from the tripod can be used. The weatherproof aluminium housing of the TuV of tested thermal emitter provides a year-round problem-free use under the open sky. The life of the lamps lasts up to 5000 hours with 100% efficiency: 92% of the energy is converted into heat, 8% in light. With average intensity of use, the lamp holds up to 15 years with constant heating capacity..

Jungmann System Technology

They look impressive, the huge, Wall-filling screens. It feels a bit like a spaceship on the command bridge. They look impressive, the huge, Wall-filling screens. For even more analysis, hear from technology investor. It feels a bit like a spaceship on the command bridge. Where was yesterday a chaotic mess of PCs and workstations, are today clearly structured big image systems.

Planned and carried out these were the specialists for control rooms of Jungmann system technology. Since 2001, Jungmann system technology (JST) is the company, when it comes to modernisation of control rooms and control rooms. Not only the ZDF entrusted their Studio Director premises the company Jungmann. Other renowned companies that are dependent on a properly functioning data center, gave this to the transformation of the company Jungmann. So, the Beck’s Brewery monitored the entire process of the brewing operation on 6 giant screens since the redesign by JST.

Together, these are more than six metres wide. For even more opinions, read materials from Clinton Family. Lufthansa also put on Jungmann and put their heart of the data center at Frankfurt airport, in the hands of the specialists. Out came clearly structured jobs, which guarantee a higher well-being of employees, as well as a higher efficiency. “Also Ulrich Baur, Director of the data center, is convinced that the new premises: with the consolidation of the areas we create overlooking our customers the basis for a process – and communication-optimal work environment in a room as well as a presentation enabled environment, which is on the cutting edge.” Basis for each refactoring is a photorealistic 3-d program, which developed the company itself. Using this program, each room can be redesigned in a very short time. Since then, confusing jobs belong to the past. JST places particular emphasis on clarity. When it comes to work in control rooms, an indispensable factor. JST designed not only big image systems with the latest LCD technology. The planning and execution of appropriate furniture and that developing software is on the agenda of JST. JST also involves unusual ways to teach the complicated technology to their customers. For some years there are in Frankfurt the first so-called Datacentermodell”a fully equipped model data center. Here, interested parties can try out advance once all functions of a data center. Not only an alarm scenario can be experienced live there. On the program are also testing a person sheath and the views of sophisticated monitoring systems. But this is not the only way to get to know the offer of JST. This year the JST community meeting a meeting of existing and interested customers of JST took place for the first time, meet to exchange experiences and to. Informative presentations on the subject of control rooms”in a relaxed lounge atmosphere were just one of the many points of the program. The event on a three-master in the port of Hamburg will be held next year. In addition to educational presentations, visitors expected so also an adventurous atmosphere. New customers and those interested in the topic of control rooms”are of course cordially invited, also in future have everything under control. More information can be found under.

Modern Technology

Light boxes are the appropriate presentation of your products of Cologne, 03.12.2009. Do you have a product that you want to promote? Or maybe you want to present your company at trade shows more outward. Useful light boxes have proved this. With these, the product or the thing, which is to be presented as a highlight, is literally illuminated and thus more striking! So that the products get the attention that meets them, there are a number of different models of light boxes, which are available at ALDISPLAYS. The range stretches from single-sided or double-sided illuminated light boxes that look like picture frames, light boxes with curved optics, to the beacon or a whole family of the lighting columns for the extraordinary eye-catcher.

Light boxes which are either double-sided illuminated and dominant hanging from the ceiling down provide individuality or single-sided illuminated wall-mounted be can. The different mounting options are possible also with the curved light boxes, where the advantage lies with these in their rounded shape that apart from simple light boxes. In addition to the modern light boxes for indoor use and the display window, there are outdoor light boxes, which attract the gaze of passers-by at ALDISPLAYS. The range includes the lightbox Flatlight, which the material protects it from vandalism and natural influences. ALDISPLAYS is constantly busy to expand the product range and to offer new models of light boxes. This is however not forget on the technique to create value. New in the assortment are the light boxes with LED light.

This modern technology reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. The very bright and even illumination of the boxes, with a guaranteed long LED life is particularly beneficial. The change of scene happens at the front and the model can be purchased on request in various color arrangements. More Information about the many different models of our light boxes, as well as its modern technology, on the site. We are looking forward to your visit!

ReSound Hearing

Left and right hearing instrument work together so that they understand everything very well. Also of any change in room acoustics ReSound immediately adapts to Verso. It has a clear and vivid sound impression, is involved in all situations and can respond intuitively.” Fundamental change in image: hearing aid is at the same time interface into the networked world is also ReSound Verso for a basic image change in hearing aids: the new lace system can turn at any time in in-ear headphones or a headset. Perhaps check out Peter Thiel for more information. Thanks to leading wireless technology, as well as a number of innovative components can be combined wirelessly Verso with TV, telephone, stereo and computer. There is a mode for rich music experiences, and much more. For the first time ever, the setting of the ReSound Verso even on the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone can be made.

For this purpose the phone clip +, a small wireless phone accessory is required. The required app ReSound control”is available in the app store as well as When Google play as a free download. With ReSound verso of connection to the world of iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets not least able”so Dieter Fricke. Through its multi functionality under – Verso wedded in principle of what conventional hearing aids are capable. It acts as the interface between people with weak hearing and the countless possibilities of the modern, networked life.” A small film to the hearing ReSound Verso owner and user of the listed brands are the GN ReSound group and its affiliates. Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in America and other countries.

App store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google. For further press information and image material, see our digital press box under Editorial Note: as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers definitely have long the innovations in the modern hearing instruments ReSound significantly with. We want more and more people living with a hearing loss, to better hear and understand. Therefore, we develop hearing systems, which create almost the listening experience of the natural ear, and which enables hearing care professionals to raise the quality of life of its customers seriously. ReSound is represented in over 80 countries.

Platinum Strip Invention

To do this he carve a big human wood ear. As the eardrum, he took a piece of rabbit bladder, which with was equipped with a fine Platinum Strip. Sound waves met now on the ear and the eardrum, it was transferred to vibration and opened or closed the circuit. A wire spring was installed at the eardrum, which began to sound. After this first attempt, expanding and improving rice his apparatus, he showed the members of the physical Association in 1961.

Unfortunately, the demonstration not of success was crowned and rice was ridiculed, dismissed his invention. “” The problem was that they understood everything at the other end: Peter said the horse eats no cucumber salad “rice understood the horse eats”. Rice did not give up despite his defeat, but he produced a small series. After his invention became known. Thus, Alexander Graham Bell Wind received the German invention. “He gave his invention but the following names: rice phone called the station” (“from the Greek the distant sound”), recipients received the name reproductive apparatus. Unfortunately, Johann Phillip Reis and his phone in Germany was not seriously supported and so was the further development of the idea in the hands of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A.

Watson. 1876 gave Bell had a patent application create and bring it to the Office. Bell received the patent and formed the Bell telephone company”. in 1885 the company American Telephone Telegraph Company “(AT & T) renamed. The company still exists today and is one of the largest telephone companies. Bell was repeatedly cited in the Court because people not only to the invention apart from him another phone”worked, but others had submitted a patent application. So, for example, the application by Elisha Gray was extensive and detailed, but not recognized. Overall, there were 600 lawsuits against Bell. In one he admitted even to have known the apparatus of rice. Many years have passed since all this inventions and equipment have evolved. Industrial spinning mills have become even bigger and faster. On the other, however, our phones are small and handy become, but the Quality did not diminish. If you even look at the developing stories of the spinning machines, to the vacuum cleaner, up to the phone, is again aware a what there actually is for technical performance to the former, as well as at present behind. The technology that is in all of this stuff is immense, and we are not tired continue to want to improve things. But should we think once in a while, the back services and efforts this great tinkerer, to better appreciate the standards we have today.

Additionally Dust

In this article, you can learn what really creates a vacuuming robot. Grade with this knowledge you expect too much by his aides. Of course, the reliability of our helper depends the price and manufacturer. Some have specialized others on a sophisticated navigation on optimal suction performance. Nevertheless, there are a few basic things to consider on all models. The basic idea that a dirty apartment is cleaned from the dust vacuuming robot, is to enjoy while not completely wrong but still slightly restricted. Because our robot is responsible to keep a basically clean apartment also clean and not clean to make more. This means that it eliminated the everyday stains such as crumbs, hairs or dirt with daily use. However, if the apartment is dirty and bunch of white dust in the corners of furniture the dust suction robot will afford most likely its tasks in full. In addition you may not the same suction power as at expect traditional vacuum cleaner. The brushes are responsible almost exclusively for the cleaning of the apartment that shows clearly the supporting character of a dust suction robot.

You can say that only volunteers are our helper and no independent cleaners. However, a dust suction robot might well, if one is willing to have a completely clean apartment, which is the case in most households. In addition, can say that very high quality models have a larger capacity and hence gross requirements to meet. Educate yourself with thoughts from technology investor. Building the most dust vacuuming robots are characterized by a round shape. The drive consists of two rigidly mounted wheels. These wheels can be driven differently quickly to carry out a braking or a change of direction. It is still an additional wheel at the front to give an additional stability to the vacuuming robot.

A type of cleaning is one or two side mounted Performed cleaning brushes, these brushes will bring the dirt in the middle of the unit. Then, the actual cleaning is done by several main jets. To remove fine dirt, vacuuming robots have an additional suction motor on the inside of the unit. This engine produces vacuum and it is to absorb possible fine dust particles with the robot. One of the biggest challenges to a dust suction robot represents the ever changing environment to sensors. Go crazy in a household furniture, clothes can lie on the floor or our help in the way arises the sports bag. Many mechanical and electrical sensors available are the vacuuming robot for the perfect cleaning of the entire region. The mechanical sensors are equipped with a spring mechanism. You triggered only when the dust vacuuming robot into an obstacle. A light touch, the spring is pushed backwards and thus shows the vacuuming robot that he faces an obstacle. After that, it will simply change the direction. However, newer models are equipped with additional infra-red sensors.

These allow for early detection of obstacles. This not only furniture, but ensures a better suction route. Infrared sensors are also used to lead the dust suction robot back to the charging station. To do this, the charger emits an infrared beam, this is then captured by the vacuuming robot and so he knows where the charging station is located. More sensors are installed usually at the bottom of the robot so that it detects paragraphs and stairs and does not fall down. High-quality robots have installed Additionally more sensors. For example the dirt detect sensors, these identify stubborn dirt and let the dust suction robot several times about the same place drive. But these other sensors are often different and depends on the price from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Navigation of course depends from the manufacturer and price of the vacuuming robot navigation. There are three different techniques which distinguished are, how Dust vacuuming robot his looks away. The simplest navigation provides a simple movement patterns. This method is used especially when older and cheaper models. In this technique, the robot works off different movement patterns. The dust suction robot encounters an obstacle as the movement pattern changes and another is completed. This principle of navigation is dependent on coincidence and there is also a certain danger that some place in the room never used be and others, however, often be cleaned. A different approach is called mapping. This, the vacuuming robot created a virtual map of the area, he does so by detecting obstacles, elevated line and the walls of the room. Through this map, the robot can count where he was and where he’s still going. Some models also have the ceiling of the room photographed to produce a map of the area. The navigation via navigation transmitter works with a principle similar to that of the GPS. Here a transmitter is installed in the room to be cleaned, this is then in all Directions from a signal, this signal can orientate the dust vacuuming robots and knows where he is in the room.

Inkjet Printers

Laser printer suitable for who and who is better to the ink jet printer who is there to look through: there are black and white and in color, inkjet printers and laser printers hundreds printer models on the market. When purchasing a printer you can not see the forest for the trees and that the employees in the electronics market independently advises, is not so sure. This article brings light into the darkness and helps in choosing the correct printer. First is to consider what should mainly be printed with the new device. High-gloss photos? Then take a color inkjet printer. Many text documents like invoices for example? Here, the laser printer plays out its strengths and must be only”between monochrome and color variation to be decided.

You have this choice both printer technologies. If you buy for example a black and white laser printers, benefits from a low Tonerverbraucht. Toner is the ink of the laser printer. Toner cartridges are considerably more expensive than cartridges for inkjet printers. Each fall about 100 Euro to a color laser printer needed but four cartridges.

However, is it also remanufactured toner cartridges this rebuilt toner cost not so much. Inkjet printer who prints photos often are first choice for high-gloss photos, can theoretically access to both printer technologies. But: laser printers can only print matte photos. Only inkjet printer suitable for glossy photos. However, such a photographic print with these devices is quite expensive: you should plan two euro per photo, because the ink consumption is high. Matte photos out of the laser printer cost less. More clearly in favour of a laser printer, buyer should tend that must print out mostly high-quality graphics or logos. Here is a color laser printer with large internal storage capacity for quick and good results. When buying a printer, you should also look whether the device can handle with thick paper. Many laser printers fail, because the paper is passed through a drum here. There are however even models with straight feeder, where paper with a Strength until a problem is 400 g / m2. Otherwise better access to the ink jet printer, which has no problems with photo paper and CDs. Cost toner and ink that no matter whether inkjet or laser model most new printers are equipped only with half-full cartridges or cartridges. In the blink of an eye, they are empty and the question arises after new paint. While there are cheap third-party printer cartridges for inkjet printers, this way is obstructed laser printer owners. Namely the replica of toner and ink cartridges prohibited and remain here only the expensive cartridges of the printer manufacturer or to buy rebuilt toner. By the way, both cartridges and cartridges can be refilled. Nevertheless, the laser printer on the subject of toner scores vs. ink. Why? Because toner is waterproof and can dry due to its powder form not. The laser printer is a step along with the quick printing, a large paper bag and the good results when printing text and graphics the ink jet printer. The latter scores only in high-gloss Photos, which are but an expensive argument.

Electronic Key Depot

Autonomous electronic key management with integrated intelligence. The Traka-touch proven already in the electronic key cabinets is now also for the new electronic key deposit of Traka available technology. A prominent international car rental uses the new Traka-touch key depots in large quantities for the management of their vehicle keys. The Traka-touch technology offers a specialized asset management, in which the entire necessary intelligence is already integrated, i.e. it operates completely independently, no network connection, no server and no external database is required.

This increases availability while reducing the cost, because no network modules, no database software and server licenses must be installed and that the additional use of IT staff is avoided. The Traka-touch key depots are delivered fully configured and installed. After switching on the system can directly to the individual about the touch screen Key and the desired user with their access permission regarding key and Cabinet access entered. The menu can be switched optionally on German, English, French, Dutch etc.. All technical requests and key movements are fully logged and in the internal solid state memory and written in addition to the internal memory card. The Traka-touch control unit saves 250,000 access events. This capacity is sufficient depending on the frequency of trade requests for a recording time of approximately 10-20 years! The Traka-touch key depots work basically completely independently without any infrastructure. Should arise in the course of time the need for a network-based communication however, the Traka-touch can be integrated systems using the new Traka.WEB management software easily and without any hardware changes in existing LAN and WAN structures.

It will be all database structures such as E.g. SQL, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle etc. supports. Traka.WEB is compatible browserbasierend and with all current Browservarianten Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and Safari. All Traka-touch systems are prepared on an optional network communications hardware already, i.e. the Traka-touch system control unit must be connected only using a commercially available network cable (Cat5 for example) or a wireless LAN module with the corresponding network.