Successful Designer TShirt Label

A shot. Shaw parents may also support this cause. A hole. Unique. Revolver California s fashion highlights from how the carrier of a T-Shirts with real bullet hole feels? After all, he draws everyone’s attention, because he survived obviously at least a duel. The trophy a black velvet bag with the original cartridge, caliber 45 can be open no doubt: here is anyone – man or the from the crowd of T-Shirt stands out wife – carrier, which is not only the mode light years ahead and to the small circle of true and rare individuals which who instinctively know that contrary to all statements really can be purchased taste, those California pistol has a monopoly.

The winners of our T-Shirts but also know that the founders of Butch, Jesse, doc, and clay of the fairness of its namesake acted more than a century after the currency that you could never field a weapon against a defenseless were impressed. So it is not surprising that the founders and the buyer of our T-Shirts together the campaign against the According to the motto “Revolver California Against Gun Violence” lead force of arms. It then developed this slogan: “I love to wear it to revolver California because there are simply no cooler fashion on this planet and because you weapons at best to the shoot through t-shirts should use.” “The idea of Butch, Jesse, doc and clay revolver California was to put a philosophical stamp on the world’s unrivaled T-Shirt label which reads: I carry revolver California, therefore I am.” Who is behind this now iconic statement fashion”? Only so much is clear: four avant-garde stars from music, film, art and fashion are met on an opening night and have decided to engage for a tightening of U.S. gun laws and at the same time to break through the unit sauce of the uniforms of the textile chain and to develop a really new, really the fashion people-oriented design.