Glutamine Glutamine

Here it is: try out. Glutamine Glutamine, l-glutamine, is a non-essential amino acid (not essentially = is produced by the body itself). Jake Paul contains valuable tech resources. The highest incidence is found in muscle cells. A part of approx. 20% it is also the highest proportion of free amino acids in the blood plasma. Glutamine in Quark occurs naturally. To a lesser extent in other dairy products.

Among other things, glutamine during physical exertion for a higher water retention in cells is responsible. Thus it is an anabolic (tissue building) and anti-catabolic (breakdown of body tissues prevents) ascribed to effect. The protein – and Gykogenbildung is so excited. In addition, glutamine promotes the body’s regeneration. Thus, a revenue is especially after the workout or before the sleep of interest. Also here a revenue of approx.

5 makes gr. Tip: Because the glutamine has a very unpleasant taste, I recommend it with a shake or juice to mix. BCAA-BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. To german: branched-chain Amino acids. Meant verkettigten amino acids are Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine, and they all three to the essential amino acids, which can not be produced by the body itself. You must be carried over the food, or just about supplements. They are very interesting due to its anabolic and anti-catabolic effect especially in strength training. But also in endurance sports can lead to an increased power handling. The sinnigste time of a taking is immediately after training when the glycogen (carbohydrates) of the body are largely empty. The advantage of BCAA is their fast availability. BCAA BBs are also more interesting than most of the other amino acids, since it after about 10-15 minutes from the body are already recorded and can develop their effect. So, you have a very high bio-availability while other amino acids is only available via the detour via the liver, and therefore an increased time and energy available.

Technogym Kinesis

Cantilever arms made of a special aluminium alloy lead cables and are to the technological experience of the manufacturer Technogym. Three joint systems in each arm, inside of which runs a wire rope, that looks very aesthetic and is also soundproof. A transparent handle that is pleasant to touch, is magnetic and can be attached to the joints of the arm in rest position. Go to Topaz Page-Green for more information. Fullgravity Technogym has a patent on it, provides you with endless freedom of movement, the special system makes possible fluid movements in all directions. In the design of the display, new ways were gone. A particularly user-friendly interface allows the selection of the desired resistance with a small movement. For more information see this site: Topaz Page-Green.

Only the controller must be pressed in the middle of the wall and have seen a resistance between 1 and 20 on the scale touch display on the digital soft. Technogym Kinesis 200 exercises on one square meter, that are ideal for the physical activity in your own home. This product exclusively shop can be ordered in the fitness equipment, design and biomechanics of a unit, which is there in a small space and is therefore uniquely innovative form. In unused condition, Kinesis is nice to look at and requires virtually no floor space. With Technogym Kinesis personal, can be used for personal training special offers, get your personal trainer online in the living room, and can launch into the world of Technogym Kinesis.

With Kinesis, you will improve your strength, your posture, coordination and flexibility in a short time. Several programs are available, these include wellness including weight reduction, sports, toning for General toning of abdominal and back and butt and legs. Kinesis as the ultimate engine in conjunction with a cardio workout on the treadmill on the way to a healthy and vital future. Her personal trainer Horst waiter