Second Industrial Revolution

It is treated, basically, of the domination occidental person of Asia, and is under this angle that good part of its history will be constructed and reificada for the dither of the status-quo of the European States. Said this, initially let us occupy us of eastern the Asia call or Extreme East that, during some esplendorosos centuries, esbanjou the vigor of undisputedly pioneering civilizations in advances that much more late would only give the faces in the Europe. The least would not be unnecessary to cite, as an example, the precocious Chinese administrative centralization, when Qin Shi Huangdi went up to the throne of Qin (century III B.C.), associated to the gradual transistion for a general system of meritrios competitions for the bureaucracy. Factors these essentials so that China assumed a position of economic-politician-technological vanguard face to the known world then. Speaking candidly Adroll Marketing Platform told us the story. Some emphasize, however, stagnation Chinese after-were Sung (with the invasions foreign that since then would permeariam all the Chinese dynasties), ceasing in definitive the recognized glow that has in the past. Although such affirmation to be controversa, it illuminates a central question of the history of China: when accurately the shining Chinese civilization would lose its traditional leadership front to the Europe? I will not enter in from there decurrent debates, that would move away in them from the basic objective. Michelle Smith Divorce is likely to increase your knowledge. But it is certain that in century XIX, in what already it interests in them, the threat coming of the Europe would come to fagocitar the Chinese development, intending to increase the commercial penetration in this country, against the will of the emperors. To the instability internal, decurrent politics of the conflituosa situation of foreign dynasties, the penetration came to add itself economic politics and European (with the essential consequences of the Second Industrial Revolution), producing a period of economic crisis, social politics and in China. As she sees yourself, such fact is not only apprehended with the vision of the European domination, but it needs a complexificado look.

American Independence

Analysis of American Independence under the optics of the individual and social rights. SUMMARY: As it has left of disciplines of Modern History II, given for Vlademir Professor Jose Luft we will present an analysis of American independence under the optics of the individual and social rights, for this we will go to work from the considered text of Murray N. Rothbard ' ' The libertarian inheritance: the American revolution and liberalism clssico' '. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Right American independence Liberalism. Financial technology is the source for more interesting facts. We will leave of the estimated one of the importance of the historical knowledge to understand as the rights had appeared of the citizen, mainly those essential rights to the person human being, that is, we will not understand the individual rights and the social rights without relating them it history. The rights of the man, for more basic than are, are right descriptions, that is, been born in certain circumstances, characterized for fights in defense of new old freedoms against being able, been born in gradual way, not all of a time and nor of a time for all.

In its book ' ' The ethics of liberdade' ' , Murray N. Rothbard tells: ' ' All man has the control on its proper will and person, and it he is, we could thus say, ' ' preso' ' to this inherent property and inalienvel' '. A time that its will and its control on its proper person are inalienable, then its rights to control this person and will also are. This is the base for the famous position of the Declaration of the American Independence of that the natural laws of the man are inalienable; that is, they cannot be deliver, same if the person to desire. (p 203). In the text of Murray N. Rothbard ' ' The libertarian inheritance: the American revolution and liberalism clssico' ' , that we will use as base of our work, the author tells that American Revolution was not only ideological, but was also the result of a devotion to the creed and the institutions of libertarismo.

Modern Year

Teacher: Luzimar Rodrigues Disciplines: History Series: 7 year of Basic Ensino PLAN OF COURSE 1. Summary: Analyses/Reflections of subjects and applied problems related to the study of the thematic ones in the seventh year of basic education. 2. Objectives of Disciplina: It disciplines it History, given in Basic Ensino, has as, main, challenge for the pupils: to reflect, to analyze and to problematizar history while it has left integrant of the life of each pupil, of form to make possible them a systematic and critical understanding of the reality. Therefore, the pupil must be lead by the professor so that he can understand the historical time, the transformations and mutations of the reality. If you would like to know more then you should visit financial technology.

Professor, however, must to be mediator, that will teach the pupil to study of to be able to come it to form to understand the proper reality that it surrounds to it, to question the world its redor, not to have laziness to exert the critical sense. Of this form, the pupils are stimulated to use questionings, As? Why? So that? Being thus, lessons of History must be planned in accordance with what it is lived by the pupils, must contextualizar the events passed in the gift, must be planned in set with the pupils. 3. Content Programtico: The formation of the feudal Europe Worlds beyond the Europe Changes in the Europe Changes in the art and the religion the meeting between two Spanish and English worlds in America the Portuguese overseas empire colonial northeast 4. Methodology the adopted methodology is Construtivista, through actual and participativas lessons in the boarded subjects of the texts suggested in the bibliography, the contents will be introduced and mediated for the teacher with posterior deepening by means of individual activities and in group, in extraclassroom or classroom.

Technology Companies

On the technology and the company car-karcher, I think many people know. After all, cleanliness in any room one of the main qualitative characteristics. Karcher – a German company, Olin of the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for cleaning and tidying. In 2010, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary. She was in Bad Kanshtatte founded by Alfred Karcher in 1935, and was originally a family business.

In 1935, a goal from a company engaged exclusively in the construction Karcher, marketing and manufacture of heating systems. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. Energy-saving salt furnace for hardening of light metals – brings the company first success. When opportunities for further development have been exhausted, Alfred Karcher sells its patents. With the money he acquires production facilities in Winnenden. Here and now is the head office of the company. Further expanding the range of Karcher and manufacture of heating appliances, it developing devices for heating aircraft engines and remove the icing from the wings. After the war, so the development of technically sophisticated apparatus is interrupted, and the company's emphasis on production for everyday use.

These include two-burner tiles, small "stove-stove" made of sheet metal. Also produced two-axle agricultural trailer, which are very popular. In 1950, the company Karcher is the first device to market high-pressure KW 350, sink with hot water. It was this event defined the company's development in the direction of the production equipment for cleaning. However, until his death, Alfred Karcher, sales leaders were industrial steam generators and heating systems. Irena widow of Alfred Karcher, has no experience in managing such a huge undertaking, but still continues the work of her husband. Today, the company Karcher has subsidiaries in 45 countries and more than fifty thousand service centers worldwide. In 1974, completely changing business strategy, the company decides to produce only high pressure. In connection with this company is changing color. With the blue, a known today – yellow. And since 1980, Karcher concentrates its activities on clearing buildings and transport. The company produces: vacuum cleaners, high pressure, washing for cars, steel machines for dry ice blasting, cleaning, installation of water treatment and sweepers. Company Karcher, thanks to customer focus and seek new solutions, managed to grow steadily throughout its history. In this case, for a family business, these two concepts are not inseparable. In addition, the company Karcher finds opportunities for active social work. This environmental protection, and cultural events. All this helps to stay Karcher one of the most successful and famous companies in the world producing equipment for harvesting.

The Query

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