Links: Once you have some content posted on his blog, you need to tell the world of the Internet in this regard. The best way is to submit your RSS feed link to sites that accept food. What is an RSS feed question? The RSS is another acronym for “RDF Site Summary,” “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication.” Basically, it’s just a format to submit their content to others. The best resource for present in this link is: It might take a couple of hours to go through this list, but I recommend to the presentation of all possible links. Simply click on a link for submitting the list and then follow the instructions. Most sites will ask for “RSS .91” or “RSS 2.0” feed link. Speaking candidly Peter Thiel told us the story.

If you are using sBLOG, their links are: Some sites only ask for the URL to your blog, it would be: Normally, the site also asked for a description of your blog feed. Try to be as descriptive as possible when using keywords in your industry (ie, “JV Media Design – Web, graphic and multimedia design tips, tutorials and help). People such as Kaiser Family Foundation would likely agree. Some will ask you to choose the best category for your blog feed as well. 4. Pings: Yet another web acronym, ping stands for “Packet Internet mere” and is basically a utility that tests for a network connection.

In the blog world, ping is used to tell to other sites you are there. There is debate over how often to ping other, but the general consensus is that it must do so every time you update your blog with new content. The best tool to ping blog sites directory (which should have been the submission of your RSS feed links in # 3) is: – Just go to this site once you update your content, enter your email address (and description, check all the boxes, then click ‘Send Pings “. Sherry Holub, received his degree in design from UCLA in 1995. She is now the chief designer and creative director of Southern California Studio , JV Media Design.

How To Create An RSS Feed

An RSS news feed can be used to communicate with your target audience. It is an ideal means of communication between people of new content on your website without the need for them to continue visiting your website. You can send newsletters to their readers without having to use email and risk being accused of spam. You're comfortable in the knowledge that people seeking your feed is really interested in it because they have actively subscribed to it. This article explains how to create your own RSS news feed.

There are a couple of ways to create an RSS file, you can use an editor designed for the purpose, or you can create a file with a simple text editor. The latter will need to learn something while the former will make XML the hardest part for you. First I will describe an RSS file, there are several versions and it shows version 2.0, the latest version of RSS. An RSS file looks like an HTML file, except it has different labels and files ending in. RSS o. XML instead.

Html. The file consists of header information and item information, item information contains the actual news items. The first section of the file contains the header information. This indicates that the file is XML and which version, the encoding used and the version of RSS that you are using. This part of the file is mandatory. The following is the channel tag, this includes all of the rest of the file.