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Eye accesses in the lower part, comprise people kinestesicas (very sensitive persons) and persons of internal dialogue. In my case in the trade issue that is of vital importance, because if I have a client ahead I’ve calibrated and I know that it is visual, like me, and tells me with visual eye accesses created, that you already have another offer from another company, much more economic, you know where your customer comes you. The first thing I do is to question it and frankly tell you possibly get an offer best, I do not deny it, but I would like to believe, that we are here gathered to maximize your project on the internet. As a recommendation, I would say directly that NLP provides us with many and great communication tools, and as tools that are, can be used for good and bad purposes. A screwdriver, may be the best tool of a Carpenter, but a screwdriver, can also injure a person.

If you put running these two simple resources, certain that from now on, will go with advantage to visit to your customers. That it, having tools that facilitate us things. This article developed by Juan Garcia delicate (NLP practitioner) and published on December 2, 2009 in the Official Gazette of the community of professional method: can also be found in the professional method corporate blog at: do suggestions? writes Juan Garcia delicate source web resources other Blogs related hypnosis therapies: to achieve something, rather than increase your web resources Professional web resources APG ARGENTINA programming: NLP Alfonso and company first part: computer control, political bloggers and lic.