Prince Modschtaba

Ideological embellishments, fixations of enemy images and cleansing of the system and of the country of dissenters are part of the program of this fascist zealots. This growing threat is underestimated in the West. Some people distract from it, others downplay them deliberately in favour of short-term profits. No one will do a favor himself and his descendants. Prince Modschtaba and his Highness Ali Khamenei However, take care well for their benefice.

For more information also see: 1 index.php? option = com_content & task = view & id = 178 & 26 2 2011/01/blog-post_05.html 3 4 2012/04/hojatoleslam panahian-martyrs wants annihilate-america-and-film-makers = Itemid / 1 on the one hand, the camp struggles to Ahmadinejad as Executive, on the other hand argue the brothers Sadegh and Ali Laridschani as heads of judiciary and legislature. Both sides accuse each other time and again the corruption and failure. At the end is a shambles in the governance and strengthening the State crisis in combination with the burden of the sanctions. 2 2011/08/innenpolitische-krise-im-iran.html 3 Ma7moud-e Asnad-e Enghelab-e Eslami 4 E.g. 5 Mesbah Yazdi supported Ahmadinejad, and that only as long as Rahim Mashaei, remains a close confidant of Ahmadinejad, on the sidelines. 6 Moasseseieh Padschouheschi Feraghe va Adyan is led by a Mullah named Seraj Biranvand. 7 Moasseseieh Padschouheschi Adyan va Mazaheb 8 Biranvand is originally the name of a nomadic tribe. Leila Biranvand is a Bassidschiprediger from Boroujerd, which there was prayer leader in the Nabi mosque and is closely connected to Ali Keshvari before he moved to Qom. 9 10 11 12 article/date/2011/09/bassidschi open the fire on gonabadi Dervishes in-kavar / 13 article/date / / / the-men of hatred and the torments of people / Gyula Fekete for