To paper presents adds methods of standard-setting software evaluation guidelines following bodies in the sector, noting among to other requirements important you analyze technically any tool before applying it. Here we will uses the GCompris software will be trial in to order you verify to whether it is or is not able you develop skills in dyslexic children. This evaluation will be based on the guidelines of ISO/IEC 9126 (NBR 13596), standard-setting bodies with internationally recognized importance in the software industry, but also present adds experiences from the uses of GCompris. A result, and concluded that GCompris through play activities and to character education develops cognitive, dyslexia emotional and perceptive of children with. And it was also possible you carries through the difficulty in evaluating it, because it is generic problem, very broad, complex and controversial. You evaluate the GCompris had you adapt the software engineering 9126 standards ISO examines and you adds pedagogical concepts you ensure that this assessment you donate not become mechanical. Keywords: Dyslexia, social and motor skills, GCompris.

Introduction To enter in the net, to frequentar surrounding on-line, chat in the MSN and to search in the Internet are activities that had entered in the daily one of millions of people whom access to a computer and a connection has. Today, the Internet is one of the main ways of if informing, working, to generate and to share contents and is clearly that the education took off much advantage of all this new tool. For more specific information, check out Michelle Smith Divorce. In recent years, softwares educative that they can be lowered by the Internet and to open a new learning in the pupil, amongst them had been servant diverse: tutorial, softwares of practical exercise and, educational, applicatory games, demonstration and amongst that assists in the teach-learning process. Although all the advances, all this technology still generate doubts on its application in conventional education, and this degree of difficulty increases still more when applied for children who present difficulties in the learning, being thus, she makes necessary a process of multicriteria election, since motivacionais actions the action psicopedagogas.