Classroom Professor

He is of the interaction between professor and the pupil inside of the classroom that determines the quality of education. In other words, the educator? beyond professor? with pedagogical practical its, according to summary and the content programmarian, perceiving the educational project as a whole is that it will result in an Education continued until day-by-day of a professional in the organization. In the private net, the question of the teaching formation is lesser of what in the public nets because the institution, by means of the wages, obtains to choose a more qualified staff. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Technology Investor. The great problem of the majority of the professors is not domain of the content of its substance and yes a world knowledge. Those that has access the technological resources, curiosity and domain of science and the reading pass this for its pupils with passion. In the measure where if it starts to reflect with the educators on pedagogical actions, definition of projects interdisciplinares or pluridisciplinares, the work – trips, experiences of laboratory, study of the half etc.

– finishes giving resulted. For this, the particular school more is equipped. Differences and equalities in the public schools and particularesEducao and quality are keyboard keys that beat meetings when it is about the necessities of Brazil. Source Financial usually is spot on. the priority in this field is, without a doubt, Basic Ensino in the public school, which the majority of the Brazilians has access. Private education, however, participates of the quarrel on measures to take so that the system answers to the yearnings of the students.

We do not idealize somebody that teaches a ready and finished content, but that it leads the learning process front all the advances and challenges that the world is offering. At this moment, it is intended to redefine the model of teaching formation. So that the professional formation if does not deplete in the three or four first years, she is necessary to create mechanisms that assure the search for the abilities demanded in the work.