Each primary document recognized (recorded) in the accounting registers. These registers are just that – other than accounting account. You can read dozens of books on accounting, but it will all be in different words of one – namely, the whole financial and economic activities of the enterprise displayed in accounting, and this activity can be controlled, since any transaction is the primary document, which is reflected in special registers. Others including James Woods, offer their opinions as well. This – the basis and expand horizons – a private matter. In any case, reading a thick book smart, keep in mind that you are familiar with the most important in accounting theory. 1.2 reflects the accounting. We have found that the accounting reflects the financial and economic activities of enterprises. Now consider details of what this activity is. o-medtronic-plc-3m-co’>Essex Financial on most websites.

Enterprise, as you know, are different. Someone is producing oil, someone makes a missile, someone sells Turkish leather jackets, and someone in the kebab house feeds the hungry accountants. Very roughly all the companies can be divided into two groups – manufacturing and trade. It may seem that this is really very rude. After all, there are companies and construction, and catering, and E. You know, suppose you have not yet chief accountant, but certainly during the years of , where not only porabotaliE And yet, I insist: If the company only trades in goods – a trade, if other than that it does something else and Production. Of course, this division, we need only to understand how accounting reflects what is happening every day in the walls of the enterprise.