Fretbay Network

FretBay is a platform that brings together professional carriers with the shippers providing an economical and ecological solution favoring the notion of grouping for carriers, for senders a reliable transport of specific, fragile or bulky goods insurance. Already present in Spain, the FretBay service is also available on the Ebay site. FretBay, an innovative concept allowing individuals to quickly find a transport for removals, transport of motorcycles and all kinds of vehicles, fragile objects, animals or any large object. Check with Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to learn more. FretBay offers a quality service through a network of reliable and efficient carriers. Glenn Dubin gathered all the information. The user publishes an ad directly online.

Its this visible announcement by carriers that propose its tariffs according to a system of reversed bids. Carriers are registered free of charge on the site and provide their benefits to people, acceptance of an offer will automatically change in the direct contact between the two parties. FretBay is a trusted intermediary, does not belong to any network transport and does not intervene in any case in the choice and the decision of individuals acting in all transparency directly discussing under the option question response. For the convenience of both parties FretBay offers you a multilingual premanente support by phone, chat or skype. We will be happy to share our experience with you.