Sony Ericsson

As far as their design, generally the intelligent telephones own a significantly greater size to the one of a conventional cellular telephone, this must to the necessity to incorporate certain special characteristics such as keyboards of the Qwerty type, greater touch screens of high resolution, among others. At the moment anywhere in the world million of the intelligent telephones are sold. Some of the manufacturers of the intelligent telephones are: Gigabyte Technology, Group Sense PDA, Hewlett-Packard, High Tech Computer (HTC), I-mate, Kyocera, Mine Technology, Motorola, Nokia, Inc. Palm, Research in Motion Limited (RIM), Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Samsung, LG. The operating systems available for Smartphone are: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, RIM Blackberry, Linux, Palm OS, Mac OS X. We can say, that the Smartphones is movable telephones, but much more powerful, that a common and current telephone. They are destined to being used by the addict users to the electronic mail and access to Internet, or for which they are industralists.

Being a these very powerful tool to promote the connectivity of the user. Nevertheless to own characteristics similar to those of a computer, it causes that these devices can be vulnerable to virus and attacks to UNDER, as happens at present to the portable equipment or desktop. For principles of the year the 2011 technologies but promoted by the manufacturers of hardware and software who dedicate themselves to the manufacture of Smartphones, estan oriented more and more to improve the experience of the user as far as speed, clearness of image, yield of energy, speed in the data transmission, capacity of storage, among others.