The Meeting

Very important that you validate if only it will be that person or more persons to the meeting and what are the expectations of this group in relation to this meeting will be attended by communication event strategy. Based on this preliminary information, define what its strategy to develop this communication event. This implies what is your process to listen to the situation of the client and once done this, which is his strategy to convey his initial message. There is a very important aspect that we cannot forget and not go to the end to be excellent listeners and not leave any message in a first meeting. That is why the importance of establishing which is the objective of the meeting. Rest assured that a prospect will not accept a meeting, only to be heard, the will want to know, so is in a preliminary way, that you and your company has to offer.

This is not to say that once you hear your caller, you begin to talk to a severe problem of incontinence oral upon their products and solutions. NO, you can simply have a strategy of generating interest and remembrance, for example through references to similar situations in which your company has delivered an effective solution to other companies. You can demonstrate interest in the situation, but indicate that in order to diagnose it in detail it is necessary to raise more information in field and negotiate one second interview more complete. Anyway, the choices are endless, the important thing is that you have a strategy with options, which should be considered (at least the most likely) to know in advance how deal with this situation. The only thing I can tell you is that improvisation is not a strategy. This point is so important that if you don’t plan well, you can break a good opportunity of sale due to a bad process of communication or an improvisation that didn’t you.