Tire Technology

One of the main novelties of this year's Marathon LHT II – a new generation of tires for trailers, which allows freight to save on operating costs and reduce harmful emissions. In the new model of low resistance rolling combined with exemplary handling characteristics and short braking distances on wet surfaces. In addition, the use of bus helps boost the vehicle load and increase mileage. Michelle Smith Source Financial shines more light on the discussion. Marathon LHT II – modern representative of the family Goodyear Max Technology FuelMax, which includes bus Marathon LHS II and Marathon LHD II. Impressive fuel economy and high performance data achieved by applying a variety of unique technologies, typical Goodyear. Optimized geometry of the frame; The latest generation of steel cords increases the reliability and operation of the term; Wide shoulder area protector reduces wear and tear; Reduced operating temperature of the tire; Contemporary Geometry bead seat reduces rolling resistance; Updated tread compound with silica improves the balance of the main characteristics of the tire – the period of operation, reliability, braking on wet surfaces and fuel economy.

The main factor in achieving exemplary performance of rolling resistance for truck tires – is the height of the tread. Tire manufacturers are constantly in search of a compromise – to make the bus with sufficient height of the tread and to ensure its long life, but faced with the increased costs of fuel, or reduce the height of the tread, reducing losses in rolling resistance and lose long run. Innovative approach and unique technologies used by engineers Goodyear, helped to create a new rubber compound with silica, providing a comprehensive balance of performance. Goodyear Marathon LHT II – the first in World trailer tire with the addition of inorganic elements. Due to extremely low rolling resistance model Goodyear LHT II provides a significant reduction of total freight costs for maintenance fleet, while reducing harmful emissions. New tires have another important criterion to reduce costs: Goodyear LHT II weigh 7.5 kg less than the previous model and are able to increase capacity three-axle trailer at 45 kg, which means additional 13.5 tons per truck each year, or at least 5,000 tons per car fleet of 400 trucks. Goodyear LHT II fully complies with strict requirements European Union directives which come into force in late 2012, given the extraordinarily low rolling resistance, an exemplary grip on wet surfaces and low noise level, the model LHT II gets good characteristics in accordance with the new marking tires, which is introduced in late 2012 This marking is background information for consumers about the level of tire traction on wet roads, rolling resistance and noise that is a source of useful information for shippers when choosing tires.