Valencian Community

In the Valencian Community, to that data it is necessary to add that he has the highest debt of the 17 autonomies, with urgent victories of payment. In spite of it, our governors preach the optimism. And he is that, for want of real facts with which to comfort to us, they announce to us that everything goes better, to see if this way we consumed more and are single who we removed to them chestnuts of the fire. But, by all means, they do not recognize their fault. When the occupation grew, Rodriguez Zapatero attributed all the merit, and as soon as unemployment desboc took responsibility of it to international the economic crisis.

Francisco Camps uses the same tactics: he always promises to create job and when not obtaining it he loads the dead to him to the central Government. Like last verification of that " the fault is tuya" we the day before yesterday had rifirrafe dialectic between the alluded to Gerald Camps and the delegate of the Government, Ana Bottle. While the political parties continue being against because yes to any initiative of its rivals, for when the announced dialogue between Francisco Camps and Jorge Alarte? Why they do not explain everyone to us, for example, the pros and the cons of the petroliferous prospections in the Valencian coast? As much they have harmed his to the tourism of Dubai or Abu Dabi? And what to say of the nuclear waste dump of Zarra? How mounts, where appropriate, France or Germany? In place, then, to confront the problems, our politicians prefer to practice the confrontation among them, always wrapped, that yes, by a estlido optimism doors outside, convinced that better everything will go if they do not do anything don’t mention it, although thus destroy the labor expectations of a whole generation. Original author and source of the article.