Vice President Al Gore

Recipe consisitria in the construction of four millions of wind turbines of 5 MW, 1,700 million photovoltaic roofs of 3 kW, 90,000 solar plants of 300 MW (including both photovoltaic of solar thermal), over a small portion of geothermal, wave and tidal energy. The calculations leave aside biomass (because of pollution and occupation of the territory) and nuclear energy, as well as all non-renewable energies. Wind turbines are much larger that those operating currently, although some wind farms with wind turbines of 5 MW have already been built. Renewable energies can provide 100 per cent of the world’s energy, eliminating all fossil fuels. By Mark z. Jacobson (Stanford University) and Mark a. Delucchi (Univ. California Davis).

Wind power and solar energy in the right places would reduce the energy consumed in the world. The authors reject the biofuels and nuclear energy. (Similarly see: Michelle Smith Source Financial). The authors plan calls for 3.8 million of large wind turbines of 5 MW, 90,000 thermosolar plants and photovoltaic, and numerous installations of geothermal, tidal and photovoltaic roofs around the world. The cost of generating and transmitting power would be less than the cost projected per kilowatt-hour of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Shortage of some special materials, coupled with the lack of political will, appear as the major obstacles.

In December, leaders from around the world met in Copenhagen to try to reach an agreement on reduction of emissions of CO2 and other GHG for decades. The most effective step for the fulfilment of that objective would be a huge shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. If they can have the leaders confidence that such a transformation is possible, they can commit to a historic agreement. We believe that they can do it. A year ago former Vice President Al Gore threw a glove: turn off and then turn on America with 100% of electricity free of CO2 within 10 years.